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Hope you guys don't mind my stepping into the discussion - I wrote Mirror's Edge and Obsessions, and read all the other books in the series. Like all of you, I have definite preferences - thought some of the books were excellent and others were a waste of time.

As to the whole idea of "What show were YOU watching?" - I believe very strongly that it's a matter of perspective. We all come from different backgrounds and experiences, have different likes and dislikes, and our way of approaching a story will likely be different from other people's. I had (and still have) a specific "take" on Sam and Al as people that lots of folks don't agree with, and in some instances take violent exception to. (A couple of the people who posted on basically removed my kidneys and handed them to me.) I don't think anyone's take on the story or the characters is "wrong" or "right" because it's very personal. For instance, there's a HUGE slash community in QL. Some of us don't like that take on the story and some love it to death.

Systemcat, I don't think you should take one person's review of a book as the deciding factor on whether or not to offer a particular book in an online store. As I said, it's one very personal opinion. When I'm trying to decide whether to go see a movie, I check out, because they compile ALL the reviews and determine a rating from the total. Deciding whether or not to sell something based on one opinion is, I think, horribly unfair to both the author and the QL community.

Our webmaster Brian is unlikely to kill anybody for discussing their opinion of the books. As long as everyone's polite, you should feel free to express what you think.

That said - I loved Pulitzer. Thought Independence was "meh." And of course, I think I did a reasonably good job with my own books, although I got bogged down in the ending - ran out of time and was unable to come up with a tighter wrapup that answered all the lingering questions.

Sam Beckett Fan, the authors were allowed completely free rein with their stories. We didn't have to worry about what another author had established in a previous book. I was told only to spell "Gooshie" with two O's. The publisher's only real rule was, Sam couldn't go home (and stay there). I wouldn't have wanted to fall into line with all the previous books, because I felt some of the other authors got things wrong.
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