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Thanks Al , the shop is part of that From the Ashes site I've talked about here. It's the second to last area for additions to that site. The last area in the site will be for archives for the spotlight area. Example the moment another series gets put in the spotlight the info on QR the radio files won't go away it will just be in another area for people to read up on it. The shop which is really two shops: one for TV DVDs and the other for mainly TV based books, is named From the Ashes Amazon. ( gave me the shops ). They're very much out of order right now about how series books and movies are listed. I think this can be fixed and I'm going to the moment I can. I tried to fill the shops with what I thought people who use FTA would like. A little of it's listing is meant to help fan fic writers. That's how QL: A to Z made it in, figured a book like that might be useful in that sense. The biggest bummer on adding or should I say not adding QL books to the shop was the lack of cover pictures when picking my stock. I'll add more QL based books if people are interested. But please remember this shop in meant to be for many kinds of sci fi & fantasy fans. That's why the list goes all over the place, I know there's a few well known series missing but those are ones I have yet to see fan fic on. Back to adding QL books into the shop, each shop can only hold 54 items. So this means replacing some thing that's already there. ( I should have said that earlier ).

CarolD, I was wondering since you wrote one of the books in the store. Would you mind talking about Mirror's Edge in my forum? The 26th Century forum doubles as the From the Ashes forum. I think you can guess why I'm asking this.

If people would like ( and I'd love to do this ) I'll post a link to the From the Ashes Amazon page for you guys to look at and tell me what you think.
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