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Great Episode that left a TON of questions:

Why his birthday?
Why the (assumed) time he was born?
Is Sam dead as the Stoppa character was?
Maybe a combination of the time and day of Sam's birth, plus the line about dead people returning to help the living is a sort of "Butterfly Effect" (2004 movie with Ashton Kutcher)? (I know QL was first. ) But Al Calavicci finds him with help from Gooshie and Ziggy, so is Sam really dead? Continuing down this path, Angelita from "It's a Wonderful Leap" was a returned dead person helping Sam and the father/son team get the badge for the cab company. Does this represent a parallel for Sam's future?
Do Sam and Al ever meet now that Sam changed Al's history?
Was Al the Bartender actually God?
Will Schlitz Beer EVER make a comeback? (nah... just kidding)
But you had to feel for Sam because of the look on his face when he said, "I just wanna go home."
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