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Originally Posted by ohboy View Post
I don't think that Sam could leap beyond the present though, because Sam was supposed to put right what once went wrong. The future hasn't happened yet, since Sam is in the present time, and is just going backward (unless there is some project like Quantum Leap even farther in the future than PQL). Therefore, though, he couldn't put right what once went wrong if the wrong hasn't happened yet.
That would hold true only if you think of time as a linear concept - going forward from one point to the next as opposed to being fluid and subject to change. However, if you consider time as being only linear, then that can disprove the string theory - if time only goes forward then Sam wouldn't be able to leap back and forth in his own lifetime and wouldn't be able to affect any changes.

Even if you hold to only a linear concept of time, at some point along that line what is now our future becomes our past.

When the String Theory is explained by both Sam and Al (and also Mo Stein), they all very clearly say all the days of a person's life would touch each other out of sync (out of that line) allowing the leaping back and forth. So again, unless you consider Sam's life as ending when he steps into the accelerator, according to the rules of leaping that we are given, a leap into the future would be theoretically possible.

Additionally, the concept of "putting right what once went wrong" was not the original concept of Project Quantum Leap. That came about only after Sam leaped and control of the leaping was lost. Since the original concept of it seemed to be to be able to observe time with a person's life, the ability to make change wouldn't have been a consideration. Had the project gone the way we are lead to believe it was supposed to, Sam would have simply been observing the past (or future) without having any kind of interaction.

Of course, if that was really his intent for PQL, one must wonder, why did Sam set in place rules to govern leaping? (Just a little food for thought.)

Personally, I believe the only reason we didn't see leaps in Sam's future wasn't because it wasn't possible. Rather, that from a television standpoint it just wouldn't make sense. As I said before, by Sam leaping into the past, there are elements that the audience can relate to - a comfort level that is easily attained. By going into the future, that familiarity would have been lost and would have changed the tenor of the show itself.
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