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Originally Posted by PQC View Post
I apologize for getting off track, but I literally have been told that adding strangers online is tacky and desperate. I've been yelled at for it...on Facebook.

My name is Dan Goff. Look for me on Facebook, my default picture is Scott and I from the convention.

MJ, the reason I came up with the Evil Leapers leaping into Beth is for a few reasons. 1) The Evil Leapers is too radical of a concept to merely just have three episodes about. They dealt with adultery in DELIVER US FROM EVIL trying to destroy Frank and Connie's marriage. 2) Don't introduce a radical new concept and just leave it hanging, the Evil Leapers were obviously done for ratings.
3) Just imagine the fifth season ends with the Calavicci family photo with Georgia On My Mind playing and then fades out. We think all is fine and dandy in the universe. Until the sixth season begins. Mirror Image is recapped and where the fifth season fades out, the sixth season starts with the Evil Leaper leaping into the image of Beth causing the picture to shatter. The Evil Leaper theme song plays. NBC promotes it as Quantum Leap's 666th season.

Dan, we met at the convention!

You really should read The Virtual Seasons and Quantum Retribution. Quantum Retribution is the evil side of the coin and it's anything but nice. We have constantly gone back and forth with them.

This is why at the convention, I paid a bit more attention to David Newsome and Carolyn Seymour (especially Carolyn Seymour). She touched my heart completely and totally... even made me cry. I still can't believe that ZOE made me CRY!

I've gotta be .
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