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Originally Posted by Donofrio_QLTD
Maybe we're led to believe that he also ended up in the loony bin because of the implications from it (i. e. him not getting what he wanted in the end, and he just got so stressed out and frustrated about it that he couldn't bear it anymore), but it still has a very naive and light-hearted outcome.
True, the institution could have been a more indirect effect such as Al's extended time in Vietnam after Sam sent Maggie out onto the field to take the pulitzer photo. The novel Pulitzer beautifully fills in the gaps of that chain and shows fans an example of the domino effect of Sam's actions. The action which initiates the chain doesn't even need to be significant. Such as in Return of The Evil Leaper, when just Sam's leap in made a significant change(saved two lives).

An abuser's actions tend to be driven by their own childhood experiences such as having been abused themselves. Perhaps the threat of the photo sent him back to some former trauma that lead him down a road of depression or even PTSD.

I as well enjoy your reviews Donofrio, gives me a reason to visit a thread and re-write mine. I hope I don't overthink anything in a way that is distasteful for anyone. It's simply a habit of enjoyment as a fan.

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