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Originally Posted by SamBeckettfann
lol are you sure you're southern and not british, you say bloody and bleeding a lot like the british lol. and both my best friend and i don't like that Sammy Jo is a total Abigale clone, we think she should have at least dyed her hair to look the least bit like Sam, but other than that she was cute in her personality, better than Abigale as a little girl cuz she was kind of annoying, in my opinion.
Haha, I get that alot Cyd. I know for a fact that I was supposed to be born in England but was born in the South by mistake. I'm a misplaced Brit, LOL. Plus, I can say "bloody" all I want in front of my parents and stuff, and they'll have no idea i'm swearing in front of 'em,

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