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Well this is another one that took me until the second chance to like, but now I do. It just shows how sweet Sam is no matter what kinda attitude he's dealing with even that of Vanessa Foster. It was also a good representation of how sometimes the one you hate the most can be the one you love.

it was a funny episode too, I love the whole thing with Al having to jump out of Tina's birthday cake, and at the beginning somewhere around when Sam is digging through her trunk and finds her cigarettes Al does a motion with his hands with an expression like hes saying "Cigarettes are for n00bs, lame!" lol. Then there was how Sam and Venessa agreed to eat only what they found and poor Sam was stuck with grapes and toothpaste, mmmm yumola hehe.

not to mention how Scott looked really sexy in his torn and dirty sailor clothes and dirt covered skin accompanied with his frusterated attitude towards Vanessa. now thats a real YUMOLA!

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