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Was not sure this day would ever come!

Kind of annoyed Mill Creek has been so silent on their plans. When the DVDs first came out from Universal I only bought season 1 and 5 because those did have the original music. I work at Walmart and finally bought season 2 a couple years ago because it was $10. Than only last month I bought Mill Creek's season 2 release for only $5 because it does have the original music. I wish I had waited now!

I guess this explains why Mill Creek had not released the whole series on regular DVD. They have been waiting for a same day release for when the Blu Rays were ready.

I did not spend that much money and will certainly buy the complete series on Blu Ray. I have heard Mill Creek Blu Ray releases are good. I hope so because their DVDs are low quality. Watching their season 2 great to hear the real music but the picture quality is very substandard. They cram too many episodes to a disc and the image suffers. I hope their are early reviews for their Blu Rays before it comes out.
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