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Default Thoughts about the reboot


New user here. Quantum Leap was one of those shows that I had a love/hate relationship with given how it ended. I discovered it part way through the third season so I missed the pilot and the early stories. I thought season 3, 4, and 5 were very strong. But given how they ended the series with the finale and the line that Dr. Sam Becket never returned home I was really dismayed. Since then Iíve heard the theories about the misspelling of Samís last name and I also saw the YouTube video of the supposed alternate ending. With the revival Iíve been inspired to rewatch the entire series. I finished all of seasons 1 and 2 and just watched both parts of The Leap Home. As Iíve rewatched the series and think about things that Iíve noticed during my rewatch marathon and ponder what the reboot may offer I have to ideas rambling around my head and wanted to see if anyone had any opinions:

1. Each of the original episodes contain Sam doing a voice over. One could say that itís just the vocalization of his thoughts, but could it also be interpreted that itís a narative by a future Sam who was documenting his thoughts during the leap. I know swiss cheese memory comes into play here but without knowing how they really wanted to show to end I donít know that maybe he wouldnít have remembered his leaps.

2. I donít recall that the original series ever establish what the people who leap into the waiting room remember about their time and experiences during the leap and how the memories created by Sam during the leap are integrated. Iím just wondering what, if anything, Ernie Hudsonís Magic will remember about the leap. I gotta think itís more than a coincidence that heís involved with the Quantum Leap project.

3. Iím intrigued by the idea of the reboot showing more of what happens in the Quantum Leap headquarters. But since the original series mainly focused on Sam and Al, and Al was the conduit for off screen interactions between the rest of the team with the exception of The Leap Back, I wonder if the reboot may be introducing too many characters or trying to cram too much story telling into one hour. Please donít interpret this as a criticism. Just a curiosity. I do enjoy good story telling, so if they do it well, it could add a new, previously unseen, regular dimension to the stories.

4. In the alleged alternate ending, it appears that Sam no longer leaps in to other people but leaps as himself. If the alternate ending is accurate and that was a direction the creative team wanted to pursue, might the reboot continue along these lines rather than having Ben leap into another person?

Anyway, Iím trying so hard to be optimistically excited without setting unattainable expectations. I know thereís a debate going on as to Scottís involvement and I would like to see Samís story have a proper ending if heís not going to be a regular part of the reboot.

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