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Oh, I dunno. Hawaii Five-0 ran for ten seasons. MacGyver had five seasons. Magnum P.I. had four seasons before cancellation, but then NBC swooped in and grabbed up the rights. "NBC officially picked up the series for 20 episodes, expected to be split over two seasons, with the option for more episodes" (Wikipedia). Dynasty had five seasons.

The Conners is a continuation, not a reboot, so more along the lines of what QL22 is gonna be; it's had four seasons and has a fifth upcoming. The 90210 continuation that started in 2008 got five seasons. The new Fantasy Island continuation has been renewed for a second season; the iCarly continuation is currently on its second season. Fuller House had five seasons.

So the reboots/continuations have been pretty darned successful, I'd say.

Unfortunately, the time has long passed for us to see a Sam and Al reunion, unless Dean's family allows the showrunners to do some kind of deepfake along the lines of a certain character in Mandalorian/Book of Boba Fett (trying not to spoil anyone who may be behind on these shows).

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