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Certain shows can get away with a relaunch/sequel and run for a few seasons but it doesn't make them good, a perfect example is Star Trek Picard which has been universally panned as just another dark gritty adaptation of yesterday's predicted "future" ST universe which is lead by a tired old captain who is a shadow of himself. The reason its getting its 3rd season is as a tribute and it will most probably revert back to what made it great in its heyday as a winning formula.

There have been some other poor attempts for example Lethal Weapon or Knight Rider reboots.

I'm hoping QL22 does not go down the same road, IMO it's already on the backfoot with no returning original members i.e Sam Beckett or call back of others (yet) and will only call upon him when the show is in trouble or suffering a ratings crash.

I hope to be wrong and they do it justice because this is a relaunch show i really want to succeed.

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