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Hi all,

Original poster circling back. Reading through some of these posts it seems I'm not the only one who shares some of these thoughts. I'm currently alternating between episodes of QL and 1982 Voyagers! to pass my treadmill time. I thought Voyagers! was as good as I remembered and researched it's cancellation and read that the network execs thought a news show would do better but Voyagers! actually did way better in that spot. So a lot of this does come down to the execs giving a show time. Since I originally found QL after it had started I didn't see some of the earlier episodes until they were in reruns. Watching the series from the beginning and watching the writing and the character development improve I noticed that QL, for me, seemed to find it's legs in season 3. Season 1 seemed to kind of amble down the road and introduced some would be famous people as back characters but that was about it. Season 2 did more of the same but to me some of the stories started to be have more of a personal connection, mainly to Al as we started to learn more of his backstory. By season 3 I thought the writing was pretty good because I'm part way through season 3 and I can read a synopsis of an episode and think "Gee, I don't know if that'll be interesting" but by the end I'm thoroughly hooked and enjoy the story. Looking ahead at seasons 4 and 5 I know more of what to expect and am excited to get to those stories. Hopefully the new QL writing staff is able to channel that creativity and keep the momentum of the later seasons alive from the start of the continuation.
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