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Originally Posted by asearcher
I just popped in MI and have the screen up with his wallet and the Expire is DEFINITELY 1998. The date of issue is 08/02/95.

HOWEVER...This is off of the NM DL Renewal page: "A New Mexico driver's license is valid for either four or eight years. The license shows the expiration date (usually 30 days after your birthday)."
The expiration date is pretty vague, though, and only states the year. So that already makes the license incorrect. It should at least say 09/08/1998.

Originally Posted by asearcher
OHHH...and one final thing. I don't think the signature at the bottom looks like a guys handwriting. And from a handwriting analysis POV...the k in Beckett is definitely done wrong. For a genius, the loop should be much higher.

Originally Posted by snish
I thought the handwriting looked rather girly too--especially for an MD, when doctors have notoriously bad handwriting. It looks to me like the writing of a younger person, since younger people are closer to their school days when they're taught to write clearly.
If I were to give my own analysis, the neat handwriting is an indicator of Sam's personality; someone who was by-the-book, righteous, always played by the rules, and non-rebellious.
- Chris
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