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Originally Posted by jmoniz
There are also two other glaring errors in this license. One, the address given is a PO Box. A driver's license shows what ones residence is, not mailing address so unless Sam's living in a PO Box.... Further, on the New Mexico DMV site ( it lists under required documentation, "Two proofs of residency (a P.O. box is not allowed)"
While a P.O. Box is not allowed (I wonder if the same rules applied back in '95?), that never looked out of the ordinary to me because I had always assumed Sam's residence was his work address. At least, the address on the license being his "official" address, whereas he truly resided at a top-secret government project. Perhaps an exception was made for him with cooperation from the government?

I never thought there'd be so much to gather from just a few lines of information.
- Chris

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