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I have been meaning to post this for a while (about three months, when the series began). CBC started a new series in January called "Being Erica". Not centred on time travel but using it as a method of telling the story (much like QL), it's about a 32-year-old woman who has many regrets in her life. In each episode, she goes back to a period in her life as herself in order to try to change something. Sometimes things are better in the present, and sometimes they are worse.

I've lost some interest in the show since it's become more "female" centred (more mushy romantic stuff than I care for), but I still plan on watching because I can't resist anything that involves time travel.

If you're in Canada, you can watch it on CBC on Wednesdays at 9:00 PM, or go online at and watch through the Flash interface. Outside of Canada (and for those who prefer better quality), you can download via torrent files - has the torrents.

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