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Hi, all! Haven't had much time to post but I still have warm memories of The Leap Back 2009.

Tom had a very good idea about tying meetings to regional conventions. You'll find that most major metropolitan areas have one or more fan-run SF conventions.

The least expensive and easiest way to hold a fan gathering is to host a room party at a convention.

Most conventions have a party coordinator, and that's the place to start.

Please support the convention by buying your admission. Some conventions require that party attendees have a paid admission for security reasons. (The first time you're at a convention where some college students crash a party, get bombed on the free drinks, and have an "Animal Frat" moment or two, you'll understand.)

Still, it's a pretty inexpensive way to hold a get-together - especially if interested folks pool their resources to help out with the food.
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