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Post Johanna Royden

Played by: Rachel Weisz

Job Description: Seasoned Leaper / Observer

Parents: Perry and Lynnette Royden (deceased)

Born February 3, 1993, Johanna has reached the age of 27. She was born in Lothos' complex and has led a very rough childhood. When Johanna was seven; her father was killed in the line of duty. Six years later, her mother died after a leap went wrong. She was retrieved but died in surgery, at which time Lothos placed Johanna immediately into the complex's orphanage on the third level. Johanna remained in the orphanage until she turned eighteen.

Johanna is a tall woman with a straight head on her shoulders, and is very loyal to her commitments with Lothos and tries her best to do what he wants her to do.

Her free time interests are: needlepoint, reading, doing crossword puzzles. She is learning to write haiku and loves horseback riding.
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