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Originally Posted by isz
i think a similar line of plot were already taken during an earlier episode of the show,so why do it,again?!
While this episode is another baseball leap like the end of Genesis the simularities cease there. First of all in Genesis the baseball leap was a short "in betweener" as I like to call it. There was no plot whatsoever to it.

This episode on the other hand is a full story and one all its own at that. Sam has to make sure a young player does not ruin himself and his career with this drinking, anger, and most importantly his sleeping with the owner's daughter as well as getting his host back into the big leauges after an unfortunate accident drove him out. I would agree that this is an adverage story but Margeret Tilly aka the team owner is what would make that claim inaccurate. She has a lot of energy, emotion and spunk and its funny how she creeps Sam out. Sorry no offense Sam you know we all love you.

I also love the reference to Sam and Al's friendship and how it was born. I just love how Al responds to Sam's reminding him that they met while he was banging a vending machine with hammer by saying:
"Oh ah it ate my dime"
and his tone is halarious because it's like
"What? I did what anyone else who lost their dime would have done"

I guess you have to watch this episode a little closely to see it, but this is actually a very meaningful episode. Genesis had none of that no story, or plot. All he did was call his dad(which is so adorable) and make the winning play. That is not a story and there can't be a plot without a story. So really the only thing this episode repeated was the theme being baseball. And its not even the only theme thats been repeated. He's leaped into two situations involving a court case and in both playing the defending lawyer. He also leaped into some form of prision twice and two dangerous killers. Real life situations like the one's Sam deals with are not one to a person so the fact that this show repeats some themes is actually very realistic(although they could stand to not repeat so many names for the people around him that he's helping there must be at least five Dianes and Dianas and Danna's and other names that have simular sounds :P). And getting back to this epispde, its not repeating a plot eaither because the leap in Genesis hadn't one.

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