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Yet another Quantum Leap reference on Family Guy

On the most recent episode "Back to the Pilot", Brian tells Stewie that he found the most awesome thing in the world in the back yard... A tennis ball. He also tells Stewie that he had one many years ago but that he buried it and couldn't remember where. Since he knew the date he buried it, Stewie and Brian use Stewie's time machine to travel back to that date, to discover where Brian had buried it.

The date they travel to is the same date as the pilot episode of the series. Anyway, they find where Brian buries the tennis ball, and Brian is about to dig it up, when Stewie warns him that even the tiniest change could alter the future in unimaginable ways. Brian asks what TV show Stewie learnt that from, Stewie says "Quantum Leap..." to which Brian replies "What he HELL! That guy changed history all the time!" HAHAHA

Actually quite an entertaining episode
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