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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
I watched this episode recently, and what I said before about thinking Alia must have been there for a long time still stands. So I think the writers made a mistake at the end (after Alia's leap) saying that they lost two DAYS. It should have been two MONTHS. If it had only been two days, Frank, Corey and Jimmy would still be holding resentments against Connie, and possibly some of what Alia started could still come to pass (e.g. Frank and Connie breaking up, Jimmy being institutionalised, etc).
I believe I can explain this.
Sam was suggested by his outfit to have been sent back to the day he had arrived though a few hours earlier. This means his actions had been erased which only makes sense as being because Alia's actions also had been, making Sam's unnecessary. This is even implied when Frank tells him that Connie was at her sister's, still at her sister's in fact. This means Connie had made the trip at least several days prior but it wouldn't matter if it had only been an hour prior, whatever the time frame was, sensibly the trip was likely made during the time when Alia had been there but before Sam arrived. So the only way it would be possible in the reset version of the timeline is if Alia had never been there.

This could also explain why Sam was sent slightly further back then when he'd arrived, to accommodate the fact that Alia's actions no longer happened. This could have changed the circumstances of his original arrival.

Apologies, I'm finding it difficult to word this so it's not too confusing to follow. I hope you understand what I'm getting at well enough.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Something else that stuck out to me, when Sam originally leapt into Jimmy, Connie was the one who was most put-out by Jimmy living there due to her worry about Corey's safety (and him breaking everything around him) with Frank constantly believing in him; but in this leap, it's a complete role-reversal. "Connie" was the one who was putting the most faith in Jimmy, trying to get him literate and independent, while Frank was the one worried about him being pushed too hard...
Actually the Connie we're seeing throughout the entire episode though we aren't always aware is Alia. Who knows what Jimmy's relationship was with the real Connie.
This triggers a sudden thought. How come the real Jimmy before Sam's arrival seemingly did not see Alia and Zoe? Wouldn't his mental illness allow it as it did Tibby in Shock Theater? Zoe could have simply been cautious with her appearances but Alia...?

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