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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
I believe I can explain this.
Sam was suggested by his outfit to have been sent back to the day he had arrived though a few hours earlier. This means his actions had been erased which only makes sense as being because Alia's actions also had been, making Sam's unnecessary. This is even implied when Frank tells him that Connie was at her sister's, still at her sister's in fact. This means Connie had made the trip at least several days prior but it wouldn't matter if it had only been an hour prior, whatever the time frame was, sensibly the trip was likely made during the time when Alia had been there but before Sam arrived. So the only way it would be possible in the reset version of the timeline is if Alia had never been there.

This could also explain why Sam was sent slightly further back then when he'd arrived, to accommodate the fact that Alia's actions no longer happened. This could have changed the circumstances of his original arrival.

Apologies, I'm finding it difficult to word this so it's not too confusing to follow. I hope you understand what I'm getting at well enough.

Actually the Connie we're seeing throughout the entire episode though we aren't always aware is Alia. Who knows what Jimmy's relationship was with the real Connie.
This triggers a sudden thought. How come the real Jimmy before Sam's arrival seemingly did not see Alia and Zoe? Wouldn't his mental illness allow it as it did Tibby in Shock Theater? Zoe could have simply been cautious with her appearances but Alia...?
I don't think you quite understood what I meant though SBF. The fact that the effects of Alia's presence can only have happened with a "boiling the frog" situation, in other words, happening so gradually that nobody notices until it's too late to change anything. I 100% agree with you that Sam was sent back to a point before Alia leapt in, as all of what she had done was reset as though she'd never been there. The point I'm making is that she had to have been there for a lot longer than two days so that the family really would feel neglected and unloved and cause all the bad blood between them. Like I said, it doesn't make sense that they would only lose two DAYS, they should really have lost two MONTHS or more...

As for your other question, about the real Jimmy seeing Alia and Zoe, I was wondering something similar myself. Especially because Al tells Tibby he has mild down syndrome, the same condition that Jimmy has. There are a couple of possible explanations:

- Jimmy has the capacity of a child. Maybe Alia and Zoe had pretended to be angels, kind of like how Sam and Al did with Theresa. He may have been fully aware that Alia and Zoe were there, but they may have simply been fooling him into thinking they were there to help, instead of wreck everyone's lives. I don't think this is the case though, as they would have realised something was wrong when Sam leapt in, suddenly believing Alia was Connie again. Also, if Al or Dr Beeks had talked to Jimmy in the Waiting Room, he would tell them about the imposters.

- In "Trilogy" Sam states that Laura's mental state was simply a result of her being confined for so long, and that she was a perfectly well-functioning person beforehand. Perhaps this means that Tibby was in a mental state capable of seeing Sam and Al because of his confinement too. Perhaps his down syndrome had no effect at all...

- Perhaps when Jimmy was mainstreamed, he was able to function well enough so that his condition didn't affect his mental state much, if at all. Being out of the alpha state that the mentally ill go into, it would make sense he can't see Alia and Zoe...

I'm leaning more towards the second and third explanations myself, and it would back up their belief in the "Jimmy" episode that when mainstreamed, people with down syndrome are capable of taking care of themselves, holding a job, and being productive members of society.
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