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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Oh I'm sure Violet's death also had a part to play in Laura's mental state as well. But she didn't actually kill Violet, when Violet was running away from Laura she'd run onto the boarded up well. Laura tried to get her off the boards as she (rightly) thought they could break but was too late. Like she said, she tried to catch Violet but was only able to grab the locket...
True it was an accident but one she caused because she was pursuing the child. I'll also be responding to your second paragraph regarding Laura Fuller but I shall take it to the Trilogy Part III thread as not to keep it off topic here. I've got a habit of doing that I'd like to break.

Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie
Back on topic, yes Al said Jimmy had a capacity of a 12 year old, so yes, it could be that he wasn't innocent enough to see Alia and Zoe. And yes, I suppose it makes sense that Sam didn't have to go back to before Alia had leapt in. In fact, there really was no reason why he had to go back in time at all after Alia leapt out - he could have just witnessed the timeline change around him as though Alia had never been there...
Hmm this is becoming even more unclear to me now haha. Come to think of it I am not sure they could have placed Sam in the revised timeline which had erased Alia in any way that would have made perfect sense. :/ I'd say they should have just leaped him but I get why it was necessary to show that Alia had been erased from the LaMatta timeline.

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