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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Hmm this is becoming even more unclear to me now haha. Come to think of it I am not sure they could have placed Sam in the revised timeline which had erased Alia in any way that would have made perfect sense. :/ I'd say they should have just leaped him but I get why it was necessary to show that Alia had been erased from the LaMatta timeline.
Oh, I don't know, maybe after Alia leapt, the timeline around him could change to say the family around the dinner table with them laughing and obviously having a nice time, Sam could be very confused, see Connie and touch her hand to see if Alia was there. Nothing would happen... He could say he wasn't feeling well and excuse himself, and then have Al tell him what happened, that everything is as it had been if Alia had never been there...

Yeah I know, it's cliché, but it doesn't leave any unanswered questions...
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