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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Not necessarily true, Alia could have transitioned into the reading lessons as something new "Connie" had decided to try. Remember we established that she'd been there for a while so it wouldn't have been out of the blue as most of Sam's out of character actions are. Alia wasn't exactly one to stick to her role either, that would be impossible since she had to include that dark factor which causes the destruction. It still could have raised Frank's eyebrows sure, but Sam raises a lot of eyebrows during his leaps and gets the job done. Who knows, the whole women's lib rebellion might not have been in Connie's nature either even though it fit with the time period but again, it was that destruction factor that was required of Alia.
While you do have a good point, the reading lessons might have been new, but I disagree, as Al said that in the pre-Alia history, Jimmy ended up independent enough to get his own place. I would assume that he would have had to know how to read to become so independent. So I think that the real Connie must have been doing the lessons as well.

But you're right, the real Connie might have been perfectly happy with her life as a wife and mother and so may not have cared about Women's Lib...

This can be explained with two significant factors.
1.) To be able to speak with and receive understanding from others who share our experiences, particularly the negative ones such as maybe cancer is something that is naturally therapeutic. Sam has spent four years pretending to be other people, an area among others in which he is utterly alone. So like with the psychic Tamlyn to find someone other than Al who can not only embrace his true self but also understand the work and sacrifice that goes into being a leaper is something that understandably would touch and overwhelm him. Even to a point in which his judgement is completely clouded, when your point that Alia was a bit obvious at times is valid.

As for Alia's response to Sam, she was playing off the fact that meeting her took him off guard and exposed a vulnerability in him, his need to be himself around someone. She needed that to put him in the position to sabotage Jimmy and finish her job.

I do believe however that part of her felt a genuine sense of hope in meeting Sam because remember she didn't agree with the things she was forced to do. She only wanted to please Lothos/the devil so that she could be set free.
I agree that Sam was finding it therapeutic to have someone share his leaping experience. And I also agree that Alia probably was genuinely feeling the same thing - Sam himself says "You felt it too!"

While your point is valid the circumstances of his being Jimmy this time made a complete difference. Returning somewhere familiar, surrounded by people he knew which was a rare occurrence having only happened twice before (The Leap Home and The Leap Back) had given him a comforting sense of home.

You are right however, it is Al who loves Jimmy himself as he is a reminder of his younger sister Trudy who had a worse level of down syndrome.
You are exactly right, it wasn't so much the fact that Sam was Jimmy which made him so happy, it was the fact that he had returned home to a family he genuinely cared about and could feel how much they cared about him/Jimmy. And of course, Al has his connection to Jimmy because of Trudy, so that also makes the leap special to Sam.

I also realised there's a small mistake. Al says something along the lines of "In over 80 leaps you've never leaped into the same situation twice." This is not exactly true, as he leapt into Lee Harvey Oswald several times throughout his life...
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