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I love the Evil leapers. I didn't much care for this one before however. But I watched it again this morning and I was reminded how intense it is, and how evil Alia started out as. It makes me feel so bad for Sam though. He was so overwhelmed to meet another leaper and he was so volunerable. She took advantage of that by seducing him and setting him up to look like he raped her. After she so convicningly nice, telling Sam how empty she was and how she needed something to feel and to touch and taste that was real. Something that is a very powerful weapon to use against Sam. She seemed to really want to get to know him and relate to him, and obviously to have sex with him, but then she turns around and stabs him in the back and then threatens his life with a gun! Talk about PURE EVIL! Speaking of the gun scene in it is one of my favorite lines from this episode:
"You're not evil Alia, what ever is leaping you through time is."
I just love how Sam can find the good in even the most horrible of situations like when his life is on the line. it makes me think of a line from one of my fav songs (I posted the lyrics in my Sam Theme thread as a matter of fact)
"Oh you find God's grace in every mistake, and always give more than you take."
That's Sam all over, and that's why I was glad that they didn't go with that alternate ending that someone posted about on here somewhere. It did not fit Sam's charactor or the episode AT ALL!

That scene makes me feel bad for him just the way he is though. All he wanted from her was someone to share experiences with, someone to talk to about leaping and its effects and the feelings it brings. He just wanted someone to identify to and she turned out to be his counterpart and tried to kill him. Some way to meet a new leaper. I was really glad that Alia turned good by the second episode.

I also liked how they confused you about Alia because when they first introduce her they show her talking to Zoey as Connie. I remember when I first saw it, I thought Zoey was a friend of Connie's and then I saw her leave through an imaging Chamber door.

After the second time I am liking this episode even better because I like intesneness and there was all kinda of intense conflict in this epsiode, between the La Matta's and the leapers. In fact it was the Leapers or one of them that caused mayhem for the La Matta's. Speaking of the La Matta family it was quite nice to see Sam in a previous leap again and it makes sense that they would chose the La Matta's seen as it's Scott's favorite episode and one of the most popular and meaninful ones. It even had some impact on Al as Jimmy made him think of Trudy. So I found it interesting to see Sam in Jimmy's world a second time.

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