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This is definietly one of my favorites as I take a liking to all the special episodes with the exception of trilogy. I forget if I have mentioned this but I loved how all three lives depended on Sam revealing his true self. And it must have felt good for him at the same time to finally be able to tell someone that he wasn't the person they see. Poor Sam, this must have also been one of the hardest pair of shoes to stand in especially when he was talking to the shariff on the phone and was telling him to call off the shooting or he would kill the mother and daughter. The look on his face when he said the words is really well acted out by Scott. You can really tell how much it hurts Sam even though he knows it's pretending. Definietly on my list of episodes that make me want to give Sam a hug...speaking of which I wonder if I even do have it listed, I should check. Yes I actually do keep a list lol.

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