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Originally Posted by isz
I didn't mean to the storyliny,i ment to a few dialogue in this episode - like Sam telling Al,he don't want to leap out from there,because he's home,again. the all little brother-big brother issue and a few more. But in any case,even if i'll ignore those things completely,I can't say this episode is more,then Average.
The concept of "home" is not unique to any one episode in the series but is a prevailing theme throughout. Right from the saga sell ending with "Hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home" that concept is constantly being driven home.

At the end of "One Strobe Over the Line", Sam knows that Edie will be ok without Al telling him. His reason - she's going home.

Going home...being home is a driving force behind what Sam is doing. In two instances he ends up home - or at least what was home to him at one time in his life. It's only natural that in both of those instances he'd want to remain there. Not only is he home in comfortable surroundings, but the people he's lost in his life are also present. I've always felt that the deaths of Tom and John Beckett were driving forces behind Sam's creation of PQL so being at a point when they are both still alive, it's natural that he wouldn't want to leave - especially since he has no idea where he'll end up next.

The concept of brothers is also one that resonates throughout the series. Aside from seeing it with Sam and Tom it's also apparent in "Jimmy" where you have the brothers Jimmy and Frank Lamotta; in "Disco Inferno" with the brothers Chad and Chris Stone; "Heart of a Champion" with Ronny and Terry; "Nuclear Family" with Eddie and Mac; and "A Single Drop of Rain" with Ralph and Billy. The sibling relationship is also explored in the epsisodes "Kamikazi Kid" and "Runaway" where it's a brother/sister combination.

The concept of family, in general, is explored in a number of episodes. It doesn't mean that these episodes are "stealing" ideas and concepts from other episodes. It's more of a case of an underlying theme to the series that's explored in different ways. In all of the episodes dealing with family, Sam's basically experienced the concept from just about every front possible...grandparent, parent, child, older sibling, younger sibling, uncle.

Even in the relationship between Sam and Al, a familial connection exists. Though not brothers by birth, there's definiately a fraternal vibe between the two of them.

Home and family are two the main concepts explored throughout the series run of "Quantum Leap" and one of the things that makes it appealing - at least to me. I'd venture to say that it's treatment of both concepts - as well as many others - is what led to Scott and Dean winning a combined five (5) "Viewers For Quality Television" awards.
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