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Originally Posted by Snish
We also don't know what Tom did after he came home from Vietnam. He might not be eager to go back to doing farm work when he's had a position involving a lot of skill and responsibility in the military. He might stay in the navy, go to college, or go on to something else. Of course anyone can write that story any way they want. I just wanted to suggest a different alternative.
That's part of what I was getting at. There's pretty much no answers given to tell the viewer how these changes Sam has wrought in his hometown...his family...could have changed what happened with his family. There's a lot of room for speculation.

Technically, when Tom comes home from Vietnam he'd still be in the Navy. As a graduate of the US Naval Academy he'd be required to serve a minimum of five years after his commissioning (graduation). His time in Vietnam is approximately a year. I've seen it generally assumed that he shops out to 'Nam the same year he's graduated so, all together, that's just about two years. There'd still be three years left to Tom's commission.

Since 1933 when Congress authorized it, the USNA has awarded its graduated Bachelor of Science degrees. In 1969 it awarded it's first dedicated egineering degrees to that graduating class.

If Tom did choose more schooling while still in the Navy, he could have gone to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA which grans Master's degrees and some doctoral degrees to it students that are mainly active duty officers. He also could have chose to go to the Naval War College in Newport, RI which grants Masters of Arts.

Of course, if Tom chose to delay further schooling until he was out of the Navy, he would have been able to choose any civilian school to continue his post graduate work.
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