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This was a strange episode, but not surreal-strange, more like a "Waiting for Godot" strange. I hated "Waiting for Godot" so this episode didn't do much for me. It seemed unfinished and unrehearsed, maybe that was intentional or maybe the director was having an off day?

It was great to see all of his (male) past leap characters in one place. Wonder why they left out all of the female ones? There were no women other than Beth.

I thought it was strange that:
Sam never asks about his wife, Donna, or the Evil Leapers.
Sam being Sam, I expected him to call his parents and ask if they had had the baby, lol.
If all he wanted, more than anything, was to "go home," why didn't he?

The typo in his name on the closing titles is really annoying, lol.

My kids were so sad that "that was it."
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