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Well, in the show, they say that Sam isn't leaping himself. Rather, that God, or Fate, or Time, or Whatever (GFTW) is controlling the leaps. I think that even in Sam's first leap, they didn't know that he had leapt into Tom Stratton. They only knew that he leaped. Hence, Sam controlled the fact that he leapt the first time, but even then he didn't even control who he leapt in to.

The priest analogy is pretty effective, but you're forgetting that a priest, at least a true priest, is always a priest. I don't want to get too much into the realm of theology, but I'm pretty sure that a priest always has a strict guideline to follow, as God never gives humans a break in the journey of life. A priest, even at home, never really gets a "vacation", because he still would have to be ready to answer questions or doubts, counsul, or otherwise help others. But I actually do like that alliteration.

Am I understanding your question correctly? Otherwise, I'm just rambling, and that never ends well.
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