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Default First Contact w/ Quantum Leap

I was wondering when you guys first saw Quantum Leap and how long it took you to become a fan. When did you say to yourself, well, this is a smashing good show! I love it and I wanna talk to other people who love it as much as I do.

I first saw it about a year ago, although it's been around for much longer than that. I had just finished watching Star Trek: Enterprise and I found Scott to be a pretty interesting actor. I thought it would be worth checking out his other big TV series, QL. Granted, I was also encouraged by the fact that it had better review than Enterprise. Anyway, I started watching it and I was pretty much sold on it from the first few minutes. I loved the character of Sam Beckett and his interaction with Al, and I loved the fact that the stories dealt with human issues and things that mattered.

The point of no return fandom-wise for me was probably the second season episode "What Price Gloria". I'd never seen anything like it. Scott was amazing playing a woman. He was so funny in his rendition of Sam's clumsy attempt to fill a woman's shoes, but very believable at the same time. As little as I know about acting, I don't imagine that's easy to do. And the idea of the episode was not something you see every day. That's when I realized that QL was worth adding to my list of favorites.

How about you?
Scott at FedCon XX
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