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the revival of a thread! i'm new here, and i thought this was an appropriate thread to post in.

my best friend introduced me to QL a couple of years ago, but i only half-watched it while writing and didn't see all of the episodes. i recall liking it but not being enthralled in any way, and then stunned and disgusted when the words "dr. sam becket never returned home" came on the screen. the misspelling bugged me, and i thought it was a terrible ending.

i rediscovered the series through my friend again in january of this year. once again, i wasn't enthralled, and i only continued watching the series to have something to do with myself to relieve stress. i remember "jimmy" being the first episode that struck me--when al talked about trudy, of course--and i started paying more attention at that point, especially to al (despite his horrible wardrobe!). i was essentially hooked at that point, but it was M.I.A. that cemented my love for the series. i cried through the whole last half of that episode and i've been obsessed ever since.

it's a combination of everything that makes me love QL. the fact that it's a series whose characters change each week and yet i still want to watch it is a mark of the excellent acting of everyone involved. the excellent writing that still keeps it focused on sam even though the focus of each leap is on a new person is another reason why i'm stuck on it. and of course the humor is fantastic and gets me every time i rewatch an episode. and of course, the little hints and tidbits about the lives of sam and al and who they are outside of the leaps keep me coming back for more.

the only episode i haven't seen is "disco inferno" because it isn't on hulu. anyone know of an online access point?

there are only three episodes i truly dislike--"hurricane" because sam is out of character and the writing for that episode is sub-par, "temptation eyes" because again, sam just doesn't seem himself and the leap itself is weird (since when does sam stick around anywhere for two weeks?), and "blood moon" for how weird and random it is. people don't actually talk like that... although the humor between sam and al redeems that episode to a point. there are other episodes i'm not totally crazy about, but i like them well enough.

my all-time favorites are "shock theater" and "the leap back." they never get old.

i still think the end of the series is terrible. too many unanswered questions that can only ever be slightly relieved by obsessed fans like me who dig through the internet...
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