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When Sam sees Laura in the hallway through the bedroom door we can't tell if she's really there or not. But later we find out she's alive. The only way Sam could have seen her is if she was really there. Yet Abigail doesn't see her? Sam runs to the hall and sees Abigail, yet she didn't see her own mother? And she was in the burning house (and may have actually started the fire when she appears to have confronted Lita Aider)? The woman seems to get around just fine, yet we are told she hasn't left the institution since she got there. She called a cab without being noticed??
Yeah, Laura Fuller's presence in the first part was unsettling. Al mentioned that she had been catatonic in a rocking chair since Clayton brought her to the asylum two years prior. In the third part, Sam's narration states that her confinement in the asylum was self-imposed. Which means she had been voluntary and could come-n-go as she pleased.

I don't think she started the fire, but she had to have confronted Leta ("No, no get away from me. I'll kill you....I'll kill you all!!") make her drop her candle lamp. What I wish was explained was why she was like a haunting ghost in the first part. Immune to fire?

Also, why'd she get (choice or not) institutionalized as an adult? Though she witnessed her mother's rampage as a child, she seemed high-functioning enough as an adult and had a good relationship with Abigail and Clayton prior to.
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