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Default Some Thought Questions

I know Alia was supposedly evil and was out to counter Sam's actions but do you think that Alia genuinely has feelings for Sam or was the whole thing set up from the beginning?

Why was Zoe surprised to learn about Sam? If the Evil Leaper Project was created as a reaction to PQL, then Zoe should have known Sam was there. She did seem genuinely surprised.

If Alia and Sam could see each other, why couldn't they see each others' holograms. When Zoe is trying to get Alia to shoot Sam, Sam says "don't listen to her" as if he could hear Zoe.
I've never met anyone named Ziggy before. What does he do?
She figures things out.
She?? This Ziggy is a girl?
Sort of, yes.
Must not be much of a looker, huh?
I wouldn't let her hear you say that.
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