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Excellent beginning, Jennie! Normally, I don't read fanfiction stories that are outside of "virtual" continuity (so as not to confuse myself and get details mixed up), but because you're the writer of this, I needed to. "Stardust" might very well be changing my mind on that policy, though. I might have to try reading other stuff that's out there on the web, if they're as good as this.

I said it over at the Starbright board (before the episode topics got deleted from the crash) but I feel like my writing pales in comparison to yours. I will say something else that's kind of weird... seeing as how I read the stories from Brian's site and sort of "hear" the voices of each character in my head when I read, I was imagining Joe Mantegna as the voice of Dr. LoNigro, even though you wrote this long before Brian "recast" him.

Anyway, I digress. I look forward to reading more of this "alternate" prequel story!
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