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Once again a story that can not be properly told in 45 minutes but perhaps I am in the minority as I enjoyed this episode including the humor that came with the setting and found the issue pretty decently portrayed for the time limit.
Unlike the proceedings in Raped, this issue was given a sense of going on for a prolonged period of time without having to go into much detail and I am going to have to disagree with Donofrio regarding Gina's character. Though her silence was not ideal it was typical for one in her situation, in fact somewhat milder as it lacked the self blame and defense of the abuser that most of these cases also display. One thing that shouldn't have been left I'll give is the lack of bruises being hidden.
Lets also remember that although as viewers we are unaware for half the episode, she had an unborn child to fear for. Once it's revealed they lean greatly towards her choices being mostly based on her need to protect the fetus, though why she kept the pregnancy from the cousin/leapee's love interest I will say isn't clear.

There are aspects of the episode I do happen to disagree with. One being that they did not give the leapee any sense of character let alone enough to merit believability in the fact that Gina needed to be disguised as one of the facility's performers. What I mean is that we don't get any sense of his not allowing the love interest to put up a relative for while, a character by the way that while generally well meaning came off quite a bit like from a soap opera and was somewhat ridiculously clingy (something which is a turn off by pretty much any man's standards). Honestly I am not surprised that the leapee ended up going for the other woman.

The ending I will as my proceeding posters say is distasteful. The tactic used against the abuser was made out to be more effective and solid than it felt like it should have been as well as containing quite a few aspects that lack believability. The fact that he was so frightened and ended up in an institution over some phony photograph makes little sense to me. Then the suggestion that the sheriff seemed willing to use that photo with false ignorance not only seems illegal but unethical.

Again perhaps I am in the minority but I enjoyed the leap out. Being among quite a few that suggest Sam's control over his leaps early on and in addition under that assumption he had for once used it to pull Al away from a peep show it was both unique and humorous.

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