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So... I hate to sound stupid but I don't think I really understand what happened in this episode. Or rather, I hope I'm wrong about what I do understand. Basically, we know that Jackie O didn't die right, both in "real life" and, since sam saves her, in quantum leap. But that's the problem, she didn't die! So I tried to justify this by with the fact that she only didnt die because Sam saved her (haha this is getting confusing!) but...if this is the case, wouldnt that mean that in Al's present, Jackie would be dead? Up until the end of the episode, of course, when Sam saves her. Does this make sense? Basically, if Jackie would have died in real life then this episode would make sense, because in "quantum leap world" we could see that sam has changed history by saving her. But sam hasnt changed history, because she didnt die in real life. Also, if Jackie was dead...why did it not occur to sam and al at any point that they might have been there to save her? They only ever talked about saving JFK.

I hope this makes sense to someone, because I'm really confused!

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