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Originally Posted by leaper1
Point conceded. I certainly dont 'hate it on principle'. As I said, there are elements of the episode that I like tremendously. I agree that the acting is excellent.

To my mind, even the episodes I have reservations about such as this one have something about them that make them special - I've said before, even the worst episode of Quantum Leap is better than the best episode of some series out there!
I wasn't singling you out, Helen, or really anybody on this board. Over the years, I've read tons of dismissive viewer comments declaring that this episode or that one "jumped the shark" (which is a huge pet peeve of mine because most people don't even know what that phrase originally meant!), because it was a "celebrity" episode, blah, blah, blah. Nothing even as cogent as your problem with the ep, which is an actual plot hole.

People can like or dislike an episode for whatever reason; I just think it's shortsighted for people (in general) to dismiss Goodbye, Norma Jean completely as a gimmick, ratings-grab episode, because they will miss a lovely nuanced performance by the guest actress.
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