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I do NOT like this episode and so far it wins the award for absolute only episode that my second chance method did not work on. As many people said above serious plot problems because I could not see what Sam's purpose there was, I think it was mentioned that it was something about her last movie but I could swear Sam had said in his narroration that he had seen it so it obviously got made without his help.

I also did not like that chick that tried to be Marylin Monroe, I have no idea what her name is as I don't watch this ep anymore but she pretends to want hire as Monroe's assistant or something but she really wants to BE her. She just annoyed the bajeebers out of me.

Another thing I disliked was the scene where he has to make her walk with him because she's crashing from an overdose of alcohol. I really liked that scene when he did it with Edie in One Strobe Over the Line and it was well done but It felt to me like they were slacking off when they decided to repeat that concept; I found it to be very unecessary. I think they slacked off writing this whole episode.

The last thing I dislike is this being a celebirty episode. the new NBC guy needed ratings so bad that he stooped to breaking Don's rules. And I think the celebrity leaps are just corny, lack the QL feel goodness that the first, second, and third seasons and ok most of the fourth even possesed and have no purpose except as a cry for ratings.

One thing I actually liked about this ep and was the entire reason I even gave it a second chance in the first place was the scene were Al yells for Sam to come and Sam thinking its an emergency comes running out in nothing but boxers(RAWR! ) but all Al wanted was for Sam to see Monroe Naked in her pool. Hahah Poor Sam.

Overall though this episode is on my least favorite list.

BTW - after reading some previous comments here, I am very Sorry Dana I believe I brutually attacked your pet peeve here but I can't change how I feel just for that purpose.

If it makes you feel better this is the only celebrity ep I attack, I love Dr. Ruth and Memphis Melody is ok, I mostly just like the beginning but Scott is one hell of a sexy Elvis.

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