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"Some Like It Hot" was filmed in 1958 and released in 1959 - a year before this episode takes place. It has nothing to do with the movie that Marilyn was getting ready to make in "Goodbye Norma Jean". The original title that movie is never given. All we know is that at the end Al tells Sam that at Marilyn's request the title was changed to "The Misfits". In the second to last scene when Sam is in the kitchen with Marilyn convincing her to go to the rehearsal he describes her as a "brash, beautiful, glorious, untameable misfit" which is where we are led to believe she got the inspiration for the name change. In reality, the movie was named "The Misfits" right from the start when Arthur Miller wrote it.

Interesting little thing I just caught while rewatching it, when Sam helps Barbara to her room she mentions seeing every movie that Marilyn ever made including "Let's Make Love". The only problem with that is, like I said above, it would have still been in production at the time of this episode. It wasn't released until September 1960 - 5 months after this episode. Someone didn't do a very good job of research.

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