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Coverage is good with the big carriers (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile), but depending on the plan, you may end up paying big data charges if you have a modem. If you have an international plan, check with your carrier on charges.

I think you'd probably do better finding wi-fi hotspots. Try Quite a few restaurant chains have free wi-fi. And if you get a Starbucks card and make a purchase on it at the restaurant, you can get two hours of free wi-fi there. You have to register your card online and jump through a few hoops, but it may be worth it. (I'm talking about the gift card, not the charge card. Here a lot of people buy the cards for themselves and keep a balance on them.)

You probably don't need an ISP as long as you can use hotspots and access your e-mail via the web.
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