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I have read about half of them I have to say, and I must say I enjoy them. The writers are very good with the tasks that they set Sam. I love seeing Sam in new leaps that weren't in the show. There are a few that I wish were episodes they were so good. One of them is Independence. I would love to see Scott double as Samuel in the waiting room since he and his great many times grandson Sam(the leaper we know and love) look so much alike.

The only things I have a problem with are that some of the writers take the charactors out of context and I don't agree (and niether does the show completely) with the whole Sam's Soul leaping. I agree with Julia that some of those authors ovbiously paid poor attention to the show if they even watched it at all. Plus some of them needed to communicate with eachother before publishing because some facts don't agree with each other. For example in Mirror's Edge it says that Beaks has a son but in The Wall it says her sister's kids are all she has. Perhaps there is a meaning behind it that we are not told of but *shrug*. Nonetheless the stories are always something interesting. I wish there were more novels then there are. So if you are looking to decide whether or not to read some, than I would suggest you totally give one or two a try.

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