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Originally Posted by CarolD
I tend to leave Tina out, too, because she offends me even more than Sammy Jo does. (I can't tolerate stupid women, or intelligent women who act stupid.)
I'm sorry to hear that you don't like Tina. I don't think we know enough about her to know whether she's stupid or not, from the brief bit we see in The Leap Back. She does have a horrible voice, but I guess she can't help that. I admit, I was surprised and disappointed when I first saw her in that episode too. I thought that the Tina that Al picks up in the pilot was more his speed.

But there she was, and they stayed together for 4+ years. Al never left her--the relationship ended because the timeline changed. So I wondered what keeps them together, and I decided Tina must have something Al needs. Something makes the relationship work for both of them. She may not be educated, but I think she must have considerable street smarts and wisdom to keep Al for 4 years. A bimbo with big cassavas wouldn't be enough to hold his attention that long. He would move on. Or she would grow weary of his insane work schedule and divided attention and move on herself. But she stays.

So, anyway, I'll leave it to your imagination what Al sees in Tina. But I would approach it with the assumption that there must be something. I guess I persuaded myself to like her. Al does, so who am I to put her down?
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