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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
You are very welcome.

Episode Tidbit: We know the gummi bear handlink to have been introduced two episodes after this in The Great Spontini after Al kills the transparent one but if you watch closely during the Sam/Al conversation in this episode which takes place after Sam makes an idiot of poor Darlene by not being able to get his parasail open, Al is using the gummi bear link here. Just picked up on this by accident last time I watched but forgot to pay attention to the ones he uses in other scenes after. My guess is that he has the gummi bear handlink the entire episode.
Yes I noticed this as well, my guess is that "The Great Spontini" was intended to be shown before this episode, but got pushed back for whatever reason or other. We have to remember that for the vast majority of the series, the episodes are interchangeable, this is just a continuity error that was made by someone who assumed that they always were :P
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