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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
Yes I noticed this as well, my guess is that "The Great Spontini" was intended to be shown before this episode, but got pushed back for whatever reason or other. We have to remember that for the vast majority of the series, the episodes are interchangeable, this is just a continuity error that was made by someone who assumed that they always were :P
I don't remember where exactly I read this (for all I know, it may have even been in this same site), but it's a fact that "The Great Spontini" was originally supposed to be shown before "The Boogiem*n". I think it said something about it being delayed as to not interfere with the Halloween festivities that year.

If you notice, the very first episode to ever show the Gummi Bear was "The Boogiem*n" and it's introduced there without any explanation whatsoever. When re-watching the series, I thought it was kinda cool because that way I could picture Devil Al knowing the future of the handlink's design. Why "The Great Spontini" was pushed farther up until after "Black On White On Fire", I don't know, but it's interesting to know this. It can be clearly seen. Even the filming itself shows everything was pre-Boogiem*n.

Edit: Thinking about it a bit more, probably "The Great Spontini" was shown after "Black On White On Fire" to ease the pain and the tension from the previous episode a little bit. It was definitely needed and it was a clever move. Showing "Black On White On Fire" and immediately after that "Rebel Without A Clue" wouldn't have ever broken any tension and potential audiences would've been lost.
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