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I saw this yesterday for the first time. It was strange because the entire town was dressed as though they were from the gunfighter's glory days, yet it was set in 1957. I'm glad they mentioned their town's Centennial celebration - that cleared up the confusion.

I liked the whole focus on honesty and honor. Hated the sheriff - his character was pretty useless but annoying at the same time.

I thought the actor who played Pat (the other gunslinger) was pretty good. He was almost convincing. Still, the "I'll kill you for dishonoring me" goal was a little far-fetched.

I did like what they did with the peacemaking between the two gunmen. Consultant, lol.

Loved Al's Bonanza reference and his quick draw skills, lol. Man of many talents, our Al.

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And I rewind just to see him walk out of the saloon in his gun-fighting formal wear. Tasty.
You and I both!

Just curious: is the guy behind the bar the same one who plays the bartender in the Mirror episode?
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