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We're going to have to agree to disagree, I find it very lazy writing to put your token minority front and centre unless it has some purpose.

You mentioned the unveiling and laying of the headstone as a Jewish feature that was central to the story. The point that I was making was that an almost identical situation could have been done without bringing Judaism into the story - it could have been written that the family were unable to put a headstone on the grave at the time of the burial and then the argument follows as the dad couldn't deal with the pain.

It appears that you are offended because I called the Judaism angle lazy writing. It is NOT the fact that Judaism is featured that makes me dislike the episode. I dislike any episode that puts a minority front and centre when it does not affect the story - All Americans is another example (though they did slightly better than Thou Shalt Not). It is the fact that it is placed front and centre when it does not affect the story or the resolution. The only reason was to try to draw in viewers from the "Oy vey I'm the rabbi" cliffhanger from the previous episode and to pad out the episode when the actual story proved thin. You are allowed to like the episode and be proud to see some representation of your people. I just thought it was handled poorly and I have just as much right to dislike it.
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