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Originally Posted by Lightning McQueenie View Post
It is also worth sharing this:

"The writers guide for the series warns against having Sam leap into a situation just for the shock value without really considering how an entire episode can follow it. For better or worse, this is certainly the case here: Look! Sam is conducting a Bat Mitzvah!... And then after the ceremony is over, Judaism plays no part in the show at all. The characters could just as easily have been of any religion at all; of course, in a country nearly 2% Jewish it would be ridiculous in over 100 leaps for him not to work with a Jewish family, it's just very much a bait and switch, implying an episode about Judaism and delivering one about grief."

That is a quote from Behind the Mirror Image, the most comprehensive guide to Quantum Leap that exists.
Isn't 'Behind the Mirror Image' a book written by a fan? That makes it another fan's opinion, not fact. As far as I can tell this publication is not the 'show bible' that a show's team uses for a television show that has multiple writers for various episodes. If that quote does come from the actual QL show bible/guide for the writing team, then it really does beg the question doesn't it, why would the show creators have greenlit an episode that went against their own rules for how an episode should be written?

I've already stated the reasons why I think it's a narrow and short-sighted view, and why I think it's not for someone who is not of the culture to judge, so I'm not going to spell those out again.
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