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Originally Posted by blue enigma View Post
Isn't 'Behind the Mirror Image' a book written by a fan? That makes it another fan's opinion, not fact. As far as I can tell this publication is not the 'show bible' that a show's team uses for a television show that has multiple writers for various episodes. If that quote does come from the actual QL show bible/guide for the writing team, then it really does beg the question doesn't it, why would the show creators have greenlit an episode that went against their own rules for how an episode should be written?

I've already stated the reasons why I think it's a narrow and short-sighted view, and why I think it's not for someone who is not of the culture to judge, so I'm not going to spell those out again.
Seeing as I have never stated what my culture is, it seems that the only one of a narrow and short sighted view is you. But Quantum Leap is as television show, and I am definitely of the culture of TV watcher, so the episode is fair game for criticism.

The show-writers' bible is a term given to testimony from interviews with several of the writers of the show about what their rules were for writing stories for the Quantum Leap Universe. I actually agree that we should wonder why this episode was greenlit when it goes against the established writers' rules. It is worth noting that this episode is not from one of the main writing staff, and it shows.
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